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Now all feather wieght, light weight, and medium weight bands are sold in pairs at a lower cost per band!!!   Choose the exact resistance levels of your Elite Athlete Power Bands.  Follow the chart on the instructional page to determine which bands are best for you. 


SKU: 0002
$10.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price
Resistance Level
  • 2 x Feather Weight Power Bands, 2-15 lbs resistance

    2 x Light Weight Power Bands, 5-25 lbs resistance

    2 x Medium Weight Power Bands, 8-35 lbs resistance

    1 x Cruzer Weight Power Band, 14-50 lbs resistance

    1 x Light Heavy Weight Power Band, 20-65 lbs resistance

    1 x Heavy Weight Power Band, 30-80 lbs resistance

    1 x Extra Heavy Weight Power Band, 45-110 lbs resistance

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