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The Elite Gear Bag is designed to hold all your bands and accessories with extra room for other items like shoes, phone, water bottle, and yoga mat.  It makes it easy to roll up your mat and carry it on top. No more struggling to get your mat rolled up and into a strap. Take you strength training to the next level.  Mat and water bottle not included.  


SKU: 0024
  • The Elite Gear Bag is made with a high-quality material that is water resistant with sturdy zippers to withstand regular fitness use.

    Plenty of room to fit and Elite Athlete Powerband Kit with extra room for shoes and a small towel.

    Built in yoga mat strap mats is easy to roll up and carry your mat anywhere.

    Side pocket for smaller items like ear buds and car keys.

    Dimensions: 10" Tall, 18" Wide, 6" Deep

    *yoga mat is not included

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