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The Elite Athlete Medium Power Kit is recommended for athletes ages 12 and up, and includes 12 Elite Athlete Power Bands, 2 door anchors, 2 handles, 2 ankle straps, one anchor strap and a carrying bag. This portable kit is a cost-effective way to train all your muscles to become faster and stronger. You also get access to workout guides and videos, to make your training Elite. Elite Athlete Power Bands resistance levels are designed to give you the most versatility in the types of exercises you choose to perform.



SKU: 0011
  • 2 x Feather Weight Power Bands

    2 x Light Weight Power Bands

    2 x Medium Weight Power Bands

    2 x Cruzer Weight Power Band

    2 x Light Heavy Weight Power Band

    1 x Heavy Weight Power Band

    1 x Extra Heavy Weight Power Band

    2 x Extra Heavy Weight Door Anchors

    2 x Heavy Weight Handles

    2 x Ankle Straps

    1 x Anchor Strap

    1 x Carry Bag

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