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The Team Strength Starter Kit is recommended for teams to perform multiple strength training stations.  It includes all the resistance levels to use for different age groups and to set up stations of up to 6 athletes per station.  The variety of anchors included will allow you to attach the resistance bands almost anywhere.  This kit gives you a cost-effective way to provide effective strength training for your team and can allow your team to do stations like in this example.


3 workout stations with Elite Athlete bands for typical middle school group: 

  • Shoulder stability exercises with the feather weight bands and monster walks with medium weight mini bands
  • Front press, horizontal curls and rows with the medium weight bands.
  • Lat pull downs with cruzer weight bands, front squats with light heavy weight bands and vertical press with light weight bands

Older and more advanced athletes can do the same exercises but with the next higher resistance level.  Common places to set up anchors are; attaching anchor straps to bleachers, fences, benches or other stable objects or mounting wall anchors in a hallway, court or pool deck or using door anchors in unused doors.


Please contact Elite Athlete to learn more about how to utilize our products to provide your team with effective strength training at a low cost.  We also provide videos and guides to learn how to set up the equipment and perform exercises.


Team Strength Starter Kit

  • 6 x Mini Bands: Medium

    12 x Feather Weight Power Bands

    12 x Light Weight Power Bands

    12 x Medium Weight Power Bands

    12 x Cruzer Weight Power Band

    6 x Light Heavy Weight Power Band

    6 x Heavy Weight Power Band

    6 x Extra Heavy Weight Power Band

    12 x Heavy Weight Handles

    12 x Ankle Straps

    6 x Heavy Weight Door Anchors

    6 x Anchor Straps

    6 x Heavy Weight Wall Anchors (mounting screws/anchors not included)

    2 x Elite Carry Bags

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