This is only for preapproved swimmers to purchace, all Fox Valley Riptides or friends of Coach Kevin are welcome.   Elite Athlete Fitness Virtual Strength Training Session will offer two or three x 1 hour classes per week.  Parents and athletes are expected purchase an Elite Athlete Power Band Kit and email back a filled out Strength Training Informed Consent and Waiver Forms prior to being accepted into the program.  The athletes are also expected to watch the following You Tube Videos and read through the Elite Athlete Workout Guides before attending the first class.  Use the links below to access videos and guides.  You will be contacted about available days and times for your Virtual Training.


Email consent to:


Workout Guides:


Stay Safe Working Out at Home:


Hip & Shoulder Stability Super Sets for Swimmers:

Virtual Strength Training for Swimmers

  • Age Group Elite Strength Training

    Swimmers ages 11-13 years old and have at least 1 season of experience with dryland strength training. 

    Senior Elite Strength Training

    Swimmers ages 13 & up and have at least 1 year of regularly performing dryland strength training before beginning this program.

    Developmental Strength Training

    Swimmers ages 8-11 years old who have little to no experience with dryland strength training.

Resistance bands can be used in more ways than free weights.  Elite Athlete Power Bands are the best resistance bands because they are more versatile, using ideal resistance levels and accessories.  Elite Athlete also provides quality workout guides designed by coaches, trainers and athletes to make the most out of affordable products.  Learn exercises to strengthen your entire body; shoulders, back, legs, arms, chest, abs and your entire core.


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